Advice from experienced security guards to assist you in getting your first job

4 Jan

I had to chance to visit a security convention and listen to some security companies. What I learned is that it is not as difficult to break in to the field of security. It was a pleasure to interact with other guards and learn about the latest security equipment that can be used by guards. I had a good time at the convention and hope I can attend the convention next year. For those who were not fortunate to attend the convention, I want to share some advice I gathered from experienced security guards.

Plan your interview up front, so that you know what to expect on the day of interview. You should plan in advance for a job interview if you are lucky to get a call as jobs are getting very competitive these days. Try getting a mock interview lesson if it is offered by the training school you completed your training from. Review the specifications of the opening. When you have a chance, be sure to emphasize your strengths in the job interview. Look for common job interview questions and prepare your responses. Have your resume evaluated by some security personnel you know. Sounds straight forward but many applicants never get their curriculum vitae reviewed by experienced people in the field. Experienced security officers will be able to point you to things that you should highlight or take out from your resume.  Your curriculum vitae are often a chance for you to create a first impression so it is in your favor to have the best security personnel curriculum vitae.

Complete any required training before applying. A prerequisite for many openings is that you have a certificate of completion of basic training course. Having this license will qualify you for the opening. Look at opportunities outside the job board. Most security personnel are hired by firms who then place them on contracts at various clients. Get in touch with all the security officer companies in your area or the city you are trying to relocate to. If you stay with this technique, you may have a chance to go for openings that are yet to be declared.

Demonstrate you are flexible. A security officer is needed at numerous sites and the need can differ based on what contracts the security officer firm has. When you are placed at a different type of location, say from a hospital to a school, you may have to undergo further training courses. Show that you are prepared to take additional training as and when require. Be adaptable and show that you understand how the field works. Be friendly and approachable. Security personnel are often the first person seen on site by people. Security guards may have to answer questions from visitors from time to time. So if you are polite, it is an advantage and is similarly valued by security firms who want guards with such qualities.


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